Covid-19 update.

We at Umsjatka Studios understand that the safety and health of the team is a priority. What preventive measures does the Umsjatka / eQuipme team take, in light of the Coronavirus? We adapt to the measures taken by the client. We do not shake hands upon entry and exit. We keep an appropriate distance between each other and the client. In addition, we also follow the general health measures of the RIVM, such as extra washing of hands, extra cleaning of workplaces and equipment, coughing and sneezing in the elbow, etc. Upon entering our studios there is disinfectant hand gel and mouth masks are available on request. If desired, there is the option to measure body temperature. We are keen to think along to ensure that your shoot runs as safely as possible. Finally, we also monitor our own health and body temperature carefully. When in doubt about our personal health, we stay at home. We follow the guidelines of the RIVM and for now adhere to the rule of thumb that there may be a maximum of 30 people in a studio. In order to guarantee 1.5m distance for everyone, we have set a limit per studio in addition to the guideline above. (1 person per 10 m²) This implies:
Studio 01 400 m²: 10 = max 40 people (max 30)
Studio 02 110 m²: 10 = max 11 people
Studio 08 250 m²: 10 = max 25 people
The Church 450m²: 10 = max 45 people (max 30) 


Please feel free to contact us any time by mail or by phone or otherwise. For bookings as well as for questions:

Brouwersgracht 130-134
1013 HA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Zeebergweg 8
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[email protected]
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